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(It's quite simple - we scale cryotherapy centers and spas by increasing package and membership sales without slashing prices.)

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Facebook and Instagram Ads

We run ads on Facebook and Instagram for your business to generate leads (AKA - new customers). We have generated over 14,000 leads and counting!

No More Chasing Down Leads!

Our advanced marketing software along with our dedicated team of cryo-enthusiasts allows us to automatically follow up with leads, book them into YOUR schedule (no double bookings) and remind them of appointments.

Group Consulting With Skyler Scarlett

We’re happy to announce that all of our partners that sign up for or currently on our standard marketing package will get a group consultation call with Kristian Catalano and Skyler Scarlett to revamp your business model, implement real sales strategies, and increase your conversion rates in just a few short consulting meetings.

Cryo, Spa, Salon, & Float Centers

No matter what type of center you are, if you offer any kind of cryotherapy service (Whole-Body Cryo, Local Cryo, Fat Freezing, etc.), we can help you scale.

Hands-On Support & Detailed Reporting

We keep constant communication with each client, making sure to address all of your questions and implement all of your ideas. And of course, we provide detailed, routine reports to you so you know how we're doing!

Complete & Transparent Training

While our team is working on your campaign and nurturing your leads, you and your employees will receive a full high ticket package and membership sales training experience from the best in the business via a 24/7 online training portal so your employees (current and future) are ready to hit the ground running.

Consistent & Jaw-Dropping Results

In just 30 days our newest partners campaign has...

  • Brought in 93 new body contouring/fat freezing leads with a cost per lead of just $7.97!

  • Simultaneously generated 52 NEW cryotherapy leads for just over $9 each!

Real People, Real Responses

Only spend your time on leads who walk through your door!

We know our ideal customers like the back of our hands (perks of being in the Cryo Industry since 2018!) because of this we consistently bring in HIGH QUALITY and RESPONSIVE leads!

We see a typical lead response rate of over 65%!

Cryotherapy Consulting From The Best.

Skyler Scarlett has a proven track record in the very niche cryotherapy industry. He has sold millions of dollars worth of cryotherapy & wellness services, operated over 70,000 cryo sessions & moved over 1,000 cryotherapy memberships.

Skyler can help you completely revamp your entire cryotherapy business model in just a few short consulting meetings.


What it's like working with CryoHelpers:

“Kristian literally puts the ‘help’ in CryoHelpers! His team has led me every step of the way in learning the CryoHelpers system! He has spent personal time on Zoom helping me brainstorm unique to me campaigns! I highly recommend working with Kristian because he actually cares about his clients. We aren’t just a number, we are a team!”

- Rachel Kain

22K IN THEIR FIRST 3 MONTHS! (49K by month 6)

"We just want to give a big shout-out, it's been a huge and major increase to our bottom line and that's what we're all looking for!"

- Terri Hooten

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Kristian Catalano.

Kristian Catalano is a passion-driven marketing consultant who’s been exclusively helping the cryotherapy industry since he was 18 years old. His experience personally working inside cryotherapy centers over the years gives him a unique perspective on the industry.

He’s demonstrated such perspective through the means of founding CryoHelpers, which helps dozens of centers across the nation scale through high ticket sales and memberships.

He’s demonstrated his passion, however, through various projects such as being the creator of The Cryo Accelerator program, the author of the Cryotherapy Marketing Guide, and host of The CryoHelpers Podcast as well as launching The Covid Care Package in 2020 (a free course that helped guide wellness centers through the economic repercussions of the gov. lockdown)

In 2021 he was honored as a guest speaker at the world's first ever cryotherapy conference - CryoCon 2021 and invited back to speak again in 2022.

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